Thursday, September 15, 2011

The School Room

Ever since we started home schooling, I've lusted after a school room. I just thought it would be nice to have an area where the school stuff can be contained, and somewhere for them to have a quiet place to concentrate.

A month or so ago Cora announced that she wanted to move into Calvin's room so we could have a school room. So we gave it a trial and it seems to be working out so far. The school room is still a work in progress - there's only so much we can do because we can't decorate. But I've got a couch to go in there, that's currently in the conservatory, and once that's in we can put things in their final place and I'll share some pictures. We made a family tree to go up on the wall, and there are posters that can be used with whiteboard markers. I want to collect more of those because the kids love them! They each have a desk as well. It feels all a bit cluttered and messy at the moment but I want to spend a day just organising and sorting it out. Then the couch can go into it.

If you have a school room, what's your favourite feature about it? If you could change something, what would it be?

Friday, September 2, 2011

The library

We use our local library a lot. Our cards are often full. We've made friends with the librarian too. She's lovely and the kids will miss her when she leaves later in the year.

Maia begs to go to this place... she always asks to colour and loves to sit and doodle. Her favourite shape is a triangle and she draws them a lot.

Cora loves to sit and read books there. I honestly think she would spend all day there if I let her.

Calvin likes to draw or go on the computer there. He's always drawing pictures for them to put on the walls.

This is what happened when I talked to the librarian for a minute as we were leaving. I love how happy they are here. If they ever cut our library we will have three devastated kids.