Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Deer Abbey

This is a favourite place for my kids. They can climb and explore. This visit is the first time they've been interested really in what all the rooms of the Abbey were for. Unfortunately our visit was cut short by the biting wind but I know we will be back here later in the year, it's the perfect picnic spot.

My Little Tomboy

She got this outfit that used to belong to her big brother. She absolutely loves it! It's odd to me, having a tomboy, because Cora has always been so girly. At barely turned one year old we got a bag of clothes given to us for her, I still remember her joy at all the pretty dresses inside. She started stripping off to try everything on. Maia dotes on her big brother though. They both love her but Calvin is the one who looks out for her. I love watching the various relationships between them all.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


A few weeks ago we had a home ed meet at the local science centre, Satrosphere. It's small, but fun, the kids certainly enjoyed themselves and we spent a good few hours there.

Here's a few pictures:

Calvin and a friend enjoying the shadow screen. You press a button and strike a pose, a bright flash captures your shadow on the screen for 10-15 seconds. This provided much entertainment!

My friend's little girl cuddling up in the soft play area. She made herself a bed!

Cora playing with the recycling plant emulator. You have to put in the right things to balance the emissions.

Cora blowing huge bubbles inside the tube to the right.

More of the recycling - sorry for the order of photos, I swear I uploaded them in order but Blogger's mobile app has a weird way of arranging things!

Cora helping her little friend blow bubbles.

Maia watching a video about life in the future.

Cora and her friend watching the videos of the future.

There are lots more things I didn't get pictures of. A firm favourite was the skeleton bike - you ride it and the skeleton's movements shadow your own! For anyone local, Satrosphere has a home educator's rate, you just need to say you HE and adults get in free with their children.

"No School, No Problemo!"

Cora came out with this shirt on today. I have no idea where she got it from, but it's certainly very fitting - though probably not how it was originally intended! I would really love to get them "free range child" shirts.

First Day at Playgroup

Today was Maia's first day. She did great! Didn't even ask for me. She asked to make a "baby dolphin" so that's what she came home with. She's going to go once a week so that I can teach Cora and Calvin to swim. I'm looking forward to spending some time with just them. :-)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Finally Finished the School Room!

It's taken a long time but we've finally finished the school room. I love it, feels like a nice cozy room. Of course, the fairy lights on the ceiling help that. :-) The couch is comfy, and the kids love their desks. Things are more organised, I just hope they stay that way!

Our First Lapbook Project

Today we're doing our first lapbooks. The subject is "All About Me". I thought it would be the best to start with, a great momento to look back on. Here's a few pictures of them starting to do the individual projects. We're waiting for the file folders to do the lapbook properly. Looking forward to seeing it completed!