Sunday, March 25, 2012

Gorgeous Weather

We've been so lucky lately, here in NE Scotland at least. The weather has been gorgeous, lots of sun, relative warmth, and lots of playing outside!

We're lucky enough to have a brand new park here. Unlike many parks, it has something for all ages. All of the kids really enjoy it there.

I'm not entirely sure about the flooring choice though... we had wood chip at the park outside our last house, and pretty quickly with the elements of wind and children, it was everywhere! In gardens, on the street, basically everywhere but the park. It ended up having to be replaced. As this park is in a fairly windy spot I just don't think it's a great idea, but at least it's not going to end up in my garden this time. :)

Maia loves to climb, she has no fear at all! She will just drop down from her perch here on this rope ladder, and drop to the ground. She also climbs up to the big slide, which is no mean feat for a 2 year old.

Here they are, ready to go to the park! All on their bikes. Cora and Calvin keep asking if Daddy and I can get bikes. We'd both like to, but the problem is Maia - we're not sure what we would do with her as she's not old enough to keep up with us on a bike. Will have to think more about that dilemma!

Here they are at the top of the big slide, waving down at me! Why do kids always love being taller than us? :)

My sweet 'baby' enjoying a rocking toy. I just love this little blonde haired blue eyed girl!