Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I had many more exciting things to post,  only I can't,  because the pictures are on Aaron's computer and not my phone anymore.

So,  until I remember to post those,  here is what we did today. First,  Maia had her nursery sports day. She loved it! Then we went to the park for a picnic. We played football and all went on the zip swing. The sun shone for the first time in ages, I even got sunburnt! This is what summer should be like. :-)

Friday, June 8, 2012

Castles and Princesses Part II?

I've been neglecting my blog again. I really want to have this to look back on when the children are older, so I must remember to write on here more!

Now further to my previous post, our excitement today has been a royal visit. I heard on the grapevine yesterday that Princess Anne was coming to see Boddam light house, on an unofficial visit. The kids were so excited at the thought of meeting a princess, I thought I better prepare them though - I correctly assumed that they were expecting a stunningly beautiful princess of Disney proportions who would sweep majestically out of her beautiful carriage in an exquisite ballgown! In reality Princess Anne looked like a 'normal person', which was really rather comforting. :) Cora and Calvin were still excited to see her though. Unfortunately Calvin wasn't feeling too good so he decided to stay with Nanny for the day instead. Maia and Cora were excited about seeing a "real live Princess" and told me so all the way to Boddam!

(Am I just biased, or is my girl the prettiest thing ever?)

When we arrived Princess Anne was at the top of the light house. I didn't realise it was her at first because we had thought she was arriving a bit later. We waited about 15 minutes for her to come down, then finally she came out! Cora and Maia waved at her. Princess Anne spoke to the crowd for a minute or so, asking if all of Boddam was there and commenting on the Walk-o-dile the nursery children had on. Then she was off in her minibus to less foggy shores I assume!

We're also off to another amazing castle this weekend for the GE Family BBQ, Crathes Castle! The kids don't know about it and I can't wait to see their faces. I love the enjoyment they get from every day life, I think that would break my heart most if they had to go to school - not seeing those moments of learning and curiosity and when things fall into place for them. It's what makes home schooling so rewarding for me.