Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pleasant Surprises

One of my absolute favourite things about home educating is when my children's knowledge surprises me. What I especially mean is those times when I realise they know something that I didn't teach them consciously. I notice this most with Maia since she's the youngest, but with the other two as well. Sometimes I just wonder how on earth they know it! It's only recently that they're starting to read, so it's not from books, and we don't have TV either, so who taught them these things?

Before I home educated, I really had no idea how much children absorb when they learn naturally. It should be obvious when you think about how much they learn before school age, but it's not something I paid a lot of attention to before. Sometimes they teach me new things!

Maia and I did word puzzles the other day.

She knew almost every letter. I couldn't quite believe it at first! She's not quite three yet and the others weren't recognising letters at this age. The thing is I know in the end this all balances out - her being an early reader may be a possibility, and although that's fab, it doesn't mean she's better or smarter than Cora who is just now grasping reading at 8 years old. All children learn in their own time, and the amazing thing to me is just how much daily life really does teach them. The more time goes on the more I believe in unschooling, not following a set curriculum, letting them follow their interests and learn as they go about life. 

I've often wondered if Cora and Calvin would secretly like to go to school. I know they do feel they miss out in the sense of not seeing their friends every day. On April Fool's Day I told them they were going back to school. I thought they would laugh and know I was joking, but they both instantly burst into tears! I felt terrible, but on the bright side, my husband remarked that at least now we know for sure how they truly feel about it. And as for me?

I love watching my children learn. :)

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