Sunday, September 29, 2013

Boy's Brigade

Today was the annual dedication of Boy's Brigade to their sponsor church. We went along and attended the service then Calvin and the other boys (and girls of Girl's Brigade) did some marching. Calvin really enjoys it, and the longer time goes on the more I appreciate it too. They teach the boys discipline and respect. When they're practising marching, if they step out of line they have to drop and do 5 push ups. Some people may think this is harsh and too militant but Calvin actually loves it!

Here's my handsome boy.

Junior Section
And here they are marching up the road.

Marching smartly!
Cora gave up Girl's Brigade years ago for Brownies, but she hasn't gone to Brownies for 6 months now and she's actually considering going to Girl's Brigade. It'll be interesting if she does.

See the Boy's Brigade website for more info.

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