Thursday, November 10, 2011

Beaver Scouts

Well, tonight was the 2nd week of Beaver Scouts for Cora and Calvin. They really enjoyed it. They had a trip to Morrisons, woohoo! They were actually really excited about it, bless them. They're studying healthy eating, so they were shown all the fresh food, ate some fruit, handled some fish (that was the highlight apparently), talked to by the butcher about meat... all good. Although I think some of the customers thought something weird was going on as there was a crowd of parents standing near the door looking curiously into the fruit and veg section trying to see their children! We did get some odd looks. :)

Calvin is sincerely hoping that the Beaver Scouts go camping or at least for a night away, as he has been wanting to do that for a while now. Cora has been on trips several times with Rainbows and now Brownies. He goes to Boys Brigade and they don't do trips so he has felt a bit left out.

They should have their 'promise' (I don't remember what they call it) in about 4 weeks. I don't know if it's just me but I honestly feel myself starting to tear up when I see them in a situation like that. I can usually hold the tears back but I feel that lump in my throat! Even today I was really proud of them for listening to what they were being told, as I was watching them in the group - many of the kids were trying to run away and literally being caught by one of the leaders. Watching Cora and Calvin standing nicely and interacting with the adults easily as they spoke was really nice. :)

In other news, Maia should be starting 2's group in the next week or two. We went to get the forms and it happened to be at the same time as 2's group was starting, so she played while I filled out the form. She was very upset to leave and kept asking to go back! While she's there I will be taking Cora and Calvin swimming, because at the local pool you can only take 2 under 8's at any one time. If I can get Cora swimming proficiently then she can take the swimming test, if she passes that I can take all 3 in by myself.

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