Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Wreath Alternative to Make at Home

Today Cora was at a friend's house so Calvin, Maia and I went to the Happy Plant garden centre. They have a fantastic Christmas display, part of which is pictured here. Santa sometimes "tells stories" too which the kids love. They also have a darkened room with all the different lights and things. We went through that 4 times today on Maia's request!

One of the things that caught my eye in this Christmas wonderland was a wreath alternative made from wood, in a tree shape, with wicker woven roughly around it. It had a bell hanging in the centre. So I picked up a roll of ribbon, and some bells. It took me a while to figure out how I could make it at home. In the end I bent a wire hanger into shape, then wrapped paper towels around each section to pad it out. I then hot glued the ribbon around it and tied on a bell. Pretty simple, took me about an hour. It may not look very professional but I love it and so does the family. :)

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