Monday, November 7, 2011

Homemade Advent Calendar

So very simple... the hard part is thinking of things for the kids to do each day. We have things like, pajamas and Christmas movies, go for a winter walk, hot chocolate by candlelight and reading by fairy light (school room ceiling has fairy lights). There are also some very simple things like colour a Christmas picture.

For this project I used:

Maybe 5m/15' ribbon (at a guess)
Pegs (I used small coloured ones but you could use normal ones)
Holographic Card (very cheap at the pound shop)

And that's about it! Except I did put a small bow on the 24th instead of ribbon.

All I did was cut bits of card in half, then each half into four roughly equal strips (cutting across the shorter length). Of course I counted 24 out. Then I folded them over so that the two ends met at the back side of the 'gift'. Inside I wrote a special thing to do for the day. Then I wrapped a ribbon around it, wrote the number on it in marker, and pegged it to the line.

I think the kids are really going to love it. I can't wait to see their faces when I put it up!


  1. That looks gorgeous! Am sure the kids will love it. I have different Christmas books, puzzles, films etc gathered together - that would be a lovely way to present their new activity each day.

  2. Great. i tried to sew one from a kit. my sewing skills are not good, tho. i put choccies in.