Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Outdoor Adventures

We've been taking advantage of the milder weather lately and going outside. We love Aden Park and this year I want to go there more often. Here are some pics from our latest visit.

Maia sliding down a tree in her hand-me-down "very expensive designer outfit" - oops!

Fake meat hanging in the 'ice house' for the mansion at Aden Park. YUCK! It actually looks really creepy because it's dark down there so you don't see it at first.

What the heck, Blogger's mobile app has put my photos in a totally random order, apologies. So here is Maia riding her bike on our walk today. :)

And more fake meat... this is the one that Cora said was scary!

Said mansion house. :) It's just a shell, but perfect for hide and seek! And now Calvin really wants to see inside a real castle that's still together so that's on our agenda.

Playing pooh sticks on a bridge in Aden Park.

Climbed up above the cattle 'tunnel' that joins two fields.

Going through the cattle tunnel.

Cora above the tunnel.

Down by the river while Maia played pooh sticks on the bridge.

The first snowdrops I've seen!

The Ice House.

Cora climbing a tree.

Jumping in muddy puddles! She was totally soaked!

Atop the tunnel again. Love this pic!

Coming down from the tree house by the mansion.

A lovely big tree near the mansion has fallen down. :( This is Cora climbing on the trunk.

Crossing a stream via a fallen tree. I can see a theme emerging here..

Maia 'climbing a tree'.


  1. What is that hanging in those pictures?

  2. Fake meat! It's kinda freaky. I can't put captions on my pictures with the mobile app so I will go do that now..