Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Well, New Year, new start, I guess. :) We've rearranged the living room, sorted through the children's toys, and had them tidy their closets. The next on the list is to get rid of Cora's double bed, have her sleep on Calvin's bottom bunk, and move more of her stuff into his room. They've been sharing for months now so it's about time. Then the school room can be properly organised, the couch can go in there, and it can be the warm inviting space I want it to be! What's your school room must-have?


  1. a dry-erase board! (I hate chalk, it makes me go all OCD when it is on my hands) In fact I have not only a big one but several small ones too for small work. AND I HIGHLY recommend a "clothes line" and clothes pins for hanging art work and projects on. :) And probably tons of other things too. oh, and a dresser for storing writing things and other junk we use. One drawer is used just for "science/nature study" objects we find, things like shells, feathers, bones, pretty rocks, etc.....

  2. We have a large double sided one. Problem is the children keep leaving the pens out... argh. Need to buy some more again.

    Clothes line is a great idea!

    We have a set of those plastic drawers to organise school stuff, plus a couple of shelves in a built in closet, but I should empty and organise the drawers. C&C each have their own drawer and then the top 2 are mine for bits and bobs. I also have some baskets free that I want to use to put craft stuff etc. in.