Saturday, January 14, 2012

Why Does Drama Always Happen on the Weekend?

I mean really, is it some unwritten law of the universe?

Today, Aaron and I were dozing in bed while the kids played at 8am. We heard Maia screaming so we did what any normal parent does, ignored it for about ten seconds to see if she was genuinely hurt. Sure enough, she was. So I went in to the school room to investigate, and found Maia was bleeding from her mouth. On further inspection one of her front teeth had been knocked back out of place. I settled her then called the dentist. I found it quite disconcerting because the message said "in the event of an emergency leave a message and someone will call you back" - in protective Mummy mode I wanted to know who would call me back, and after how long, and at what point should I worry that they didn't get the message after all?

After about half an hour they called back and told me to bring her straight in to the dentist. I happened to have no car right then due to it pouring fuel out "like a cow pissing" as one of the nice men who has now fixed it said! So I did what any self-respecting mother does, I called my own Mummy to save the day. She did, and we took Maia to the dentist. She was delighted to play with the toys as per usual, then when we were called in she looked up at the (very tall) dentist and said plain as day "I don't like you!" and walked on in. We almost fell over laughing so hard. She's only 2.5yrs old, and on previous visits she has been enthusiastic about coming but despite our best coaxing has refused to let the dentist look at her teeth. Peppa Pig's powers are apparently not enough for my child.

This time she let him look at her teeth, and collected her sticker proudly, but still didn't smile until we left the room! Her tooth has been knocked completely out of place so is essentially dead now. He said it will discolour and may get infected, if it does she will need to have it removed under general anesthetic in hospital due to her age. So I'm praying it doesn't come to that! We've had a few tears today when she's tried to eat something and it's been sore, in fact it has moved even further back now after she bit down on a crisp of all things.

As to what happened? Well we found that out in pieces today. I had a king size mattress propped against the wall in the school room, ready to go on Aaron and I's bed today. I walked in to the carnage and asked what happened, Calvin said "We were sliding down the mattress", so in my fury I banished him and Cora to their beds while I sorted out Maia. After she was sorted out and phone calls made, I went into their room to ask what happened. Apparently Cora wasn't involved (sorry Cora! And yes I said that to her in person as well..) - Calvin had decided it was fun to slide down the mattress. He said Maia was standing by her desk and it fell on her. So I assumed it slammed her mouth into the desk.

This evening at supper time Aaron and I were discussing it and we asked Calvin for more details. It took a while to figure out what he and Maia were saying, their version of events, but we got that she had been facing away from him towards the desk and as soon as it fell him and Cora had immediately pulled it off of Maia and stood it back up against the wall before I came in (how glad am I that they aren't the kind of children that would just run to get a grown up - they acted straight away!). After supper I went to get Maia ready for bed and we went to the school room. She peeked in the door and said "is the mattress laying down now? OK!" and walked in, we sat on the mattress and I asked her again what happened when it fell on her. She told me it hurt her mouth when she was biting. I said, "Did you bite your teeth when the mattress hit your head?" and she said "No Mummy, I was biting the desk when the mattress hit my head!". Oh REALLY?! That totally explains it.. I was thinking it was weird that she happened to take the entire brunt of the injury on one tooth! A minute later she said "It was REALLY scary Mummy". Bless her, Aaron and I are hoping that she won't have a fear of mattresses when she grows up!

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  1. a fear of mattress would be a very bad thing!

    My son had a similar injury when he was 5. The tooth was hit and dead and then discolored a few days later and caused severe pain. He couln't eat or drink, and the dentist pulled it. it was pretty traumatic at the time, but we all survived and it is in the past.

    good thing it's a baby tooth though.