Wednesday, January 11, 2012

School Room Update!

It's getting there! Now we just need to get the couch in the room. They all have desks now, and Maia loves to colour at her own table. It took me a whole day to sort out this room, half of Cora's stuff was still in it, and I ended up throwing away a trash bag full of stuff. When I moved the book case I also discovered a large patch of mould, so scrubbing that was on the agenda too. Can't wait to post pics of the final result!


  1. A proper school room! YAY! So EXCITING~!

  2. Oh wow this is awesome. I have not met many home educators who have schoolrooms like this. We too have a schoolroom and a home ed blog.

  3. I know Steph! Yay!

    Buffy, thanks, checking out your blog now! I have always wanted a school room because although we're kind of unschooling I wanted to have a place to keep the projects and books and all that sort of thing, and a 'safe place' the kids could go if they wanted to learn something. Even though I haven't specifically said to them to do certain things in the school room I've noticed they are using their desks quite a bit already, or even just laying on the floor in there reading.